Form Felting

Another super simple guide for your first go at felting! You can download the PDF at the bottom of the page to save the guide. formfeltingguide

Flat Felting Guide

A super simple felting guide, great for your first go at flat felting! Download the pdf at the bottom of the page to save the guide. flatfeltingguide

Counting Boats

I printed these on A4, laminated and cut out the sails. I added velcro dots to secure the sails. page1 page2 sails

Multicultural Peg People Cards

The set of pegs came first then I decided to turn them into a matching activity with these cards.   GERMANY HAWAII INDIA INUIT JAPAN MAASAI MEXICO NATIVEUSA NETHERLANDS POLY SCOTLAND

Turnip Tops

A counting game, to accompany The Enormous Turnip story book. Place the correct tops on the numbered turnips by counting the stalks. Laminate and velcro dot as usual! PDF’s below. tops turnip2 turnip3 turnip5 turnip6 turnip8    

Rhino’s Horns

A simple Rhino shape match game, laminate and velcro dot for longest lasting results!   cross diamond flower heart HORNS star semi

Pitter Patterns

My middle boy is now in pre-school so I’m back making activities to accompany the books he receives in his ‘Story Sacks’. I started this when my eldest was 3, and it’s lovely to see some of my games have survived and are coming home to us again. This week… weather. I try to make…

SKETCH Alphabet & Numbers

My good friend made this set of letters and numbers and has kindly agreed to let me share them here (scroll down for pdf) They’re quite big, with one or two letters per page but that makes them a great size for handling once laminated. Included are upper and lower case letters plus numbers 0-9….

Superhero Dice Game

Download my free superhero dice game to introduce using and recognising dice to your little ones…. superdice   I made a sheet to practice writing and recreating the dice faces too…dice-game

Recycling Artwork 

After some experimental painting with the boys I had a huge stack of beautiful process art that had no where to live but the recycling bin. We have a fridge freezer with magnets, we also have ‘washing’ lines with mini pegs all over the house that display family photos alongside our favourite creations. I also…

Phonics Worksheets

My eldest son, Calum, started school recently and we just got his first ever homework. The teacher in me is very excited to have a focused activity for us to do together that will aid his progress in the classroom. He had several worksheets to complete but once we had completed them, he was still willing…